What is "ZoomIO"?


The Grid. A digital frontier. 
I tried to picture clusters of information as 
they traveled through the computer. 
Ships, motorcycles. With the circuits like freeways. 
I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. 
And then, one day... i got in.

- Kevin Flynn

I’m coming from the software development background. After two decades in this area it is inevitable to be affected by it.

What is the software development? It is all about processing input into the output. Picture a network of machines with the streams of bits floating from one process to another, zoom inside these processes and you’ll see bits floating in-between threads, zoom further and it is bits going through the call stacks.

It reminds me about the TRON and the TRON: Legacy, hence the quote at the beginning by the Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges).

TRON: Legacy

So what is ZoomIO? ZoomIO - is a Zoom into an Input and an Output, it is the view into the processes of the world.

Let’s make a bit of the de-tour and look into the real life, every problem has a solution, every goal has its steps to achieve it. When approaching an issue you have you resources - an Input and with the given Input one produces a result - an Output. So again, Input -> Output.

Zooming into the flow means focusing on the important, seeing the gist.


Mission of ZoomIO - is to help achieving goals 
by staying focused on the important. 

One of the ZoomIO’s projects is Tagify. Tagify helps to organize and find relevant data by simplifying it with automatic processing. “Tags as a Service” provides an insight into how Tagify was born.

It is the beginning of the journey for ZoomIO, Tagify and others. Stay tuned.